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We are excited to announce that Swim Smooth Mallorca will deliver the renowned Swim Smooth 1-Day Clinic every Tuesday during our camps! This collaboration ensures that our athletes receive an unparalleled level of swim coaching, setting us apart from our competitors.

Unique Selling Points

  • Exclusive Partnership: By partnering with Swim Smooth Mallorca, we provide exclusive access to top-tier swim coaching from a certified Swim Smooth coach.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Benefit from state-of-the-art video analysis and stroke correction, tailored to each swimmer’s unique needs.
  • Proven Methodology: The Swim Smooth approach is globally recognized for its effectiveness in improving swim performance across all levels.


  • Personalised Coaching: Each session is customised to address individual strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring targeted and effective training.
  • Immediate Feedback: Video analysis allows for instant visual feedback, helping swimmers understand and correct their technique in real-time.
  • Enhanced Performance: Our clinics are designed to maximize efficiency and speed, translating to better performance in triathlon swim segments.
  • Open Water Expertise: Gain confidence and skills in open water swimming, a critical component of triathlon success.


  • Certified Coaches: Our Swim Smooth coaches are certified and highly trained, bringing years of experience and expertise to our camps.
  • Proven Track Record: Swim Smooth is an internationally acclaimed coaching system trusted by athletes worldwide.


  • Elite Training Environment: : Our collaboration with Swim Smooth Mallorca ensures that our training environment is one of the best in the industry.
  • Cutting-Edge Techniques: Utilising the latest techniques and technology, we provide a superior level of service that our contemporaries cannot match.
  • Dedicated Sessions: The dedicated Swim Smooth 1-Day Clinics focus intensively on swim improvement, a unique offering not available at many other camps.
Join us in Mallorca for a triathlon training experience that combines world-class swim coaching with the beautiful and challenging setting of the Mediterranean. Elevate your training and achieve new levels of performance with our superior swim coaching services.

For our 2025 training camps, we’re excited to exclusively offer the world-renowned Swim Smooth 1-Day Clinic every Tuesday with Swim Smooth Mallorca, the certified Swim Smooth coach and coach education provider for European and World Triathlon federations, featuring personalised video analysis, real-time feedback, and expert open water sessions – an elite coaching experience available only through Mallorca Triathlon Training Camps.

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Mallorca Triathlon Training Camp Success Stories


The week I passed in Mallorca was so well organised between hard and less training and with recuperation periods. The weather was excellent. The roads we travelled were amazing. After the 6 days of training I could feel my legs ready for the goal of a 70,3 Ironman next month.


If you want to progress your experience in triatlhon combined with good laughs this is the trainingcamp for you.
Jon, the coach himself has a lot of experience and shares with you his genuine passion. He knows perfect cycling routes on the island. You can ask him detailed questions about nutrition, training intensity and race strategy.
On top of that you will have an in detail swim analysis with a session that includes corrections in the pool.
Once again many thanks for a great week of training.​


Thanks a lot for this amazing training camp! This week, I improved so much in swimming, downhill cycling, learned a lot about nutrition, training on heart rate, and most importantly, had a lot of fun training with Jon and the others and seeing so much of the island. I will definitely come back next year and am very excited to continue with the individual coaching with Jon!​


I hired Jon for two months post camp to help me with training for the Ironman UK. He provided me with a personalized plan and helped me with nutrition. I did benefit a lot from this (losing 5kg) and improved my fitness significantly as a result. ​


Whether you're training for an Ironman or looking for some challenging rides, Coach Jon will not disappoint. We had a fantastic week, rides were well organized and the routes were beautiful. ​


Prior to Mallorca Training Camps, I had never done a triathlon and was keen to improve my cycling. Jon provided a fun and challenging atmosphere with structured workouts on the beautiful island. It gave me to confidence to tackle my first Olympic (NYC Triathlon), and a year later I’m training for my first 70.3 (Mont-Trembant)

New York

I just wanted to thank Jon for making my cycle in Mallorca so great!​
I was cycling solo for a week; Jon got me into his cycling group and showed me around. Great conversations, great cycling between mountains and unknown small lanes on the unbeaten tracks of Pollenca, so we were able to avid the traffic every day,​
​Good hearted, spot on trainer. Thanks Jon!​


What an amazing Week, what an amazing Coach! On behalf of Norway we thank you!​​


Really grateful to Jon for an excellent training week. The variety, volume and intensity was exactly what I needed and he was able to tailor the groups' needs to suit every ability. Really pleased with the Incus Nova assessment as it's given me the precise feedback that I need in order to make the necessary improvements with my swimming & running. Can't wait to return next year again! ​


Nutrition plan was perfect, Hydration plan was spot on, training was totally worth it, all from you! Couldn’t thank you enough!

Ben 'Irish' P
International Client With ME

I can’t recommend Jon enough, in 7 weeks he boosted my half Ironman time by 40 minutes and got me a GB slot!
I have never felt fitter or stronger and have had great fun buying new clothes to fit my new body!

Mrs. P
Team GB Age Group Qualification

Thank you Jon Goodege for been the most inspirational, motivational person I have ever met. It’s a privilege to have you as my coach.
What ever your doing is obviously working 2hour 46 min for the bike leg absolutely blew me away and to finish with legs that still worked.

Andrew Moxon
Team GB Age Group Qualification

During my triathlon training Jon assisted me with my nutrition and weight loss program. From 15st 2 down to 12st 12 in a cotrolled manor. This had a positive effect on my training and confidence.

Eddie Tango Robertson
(384) Completed Lakesman 2019 in: 15:02:38

Jon Goodege Mallorca Triathlon Training Camps 02071014220 elite@mallorcatrainingcamps.com