Start Your Journey

Every journey begins with a single step. This is yours.

During the week you’re going to put everything into action so that by the end of it, you’ll have dialled in every detail that will help you achieve peak fitness by the time your race comes.

When you leave the week-long training camp, your only complaint will be that it didn’t last longer!

If your goal is to PB your race or qualify for the GB Age Group team, you’ll have a significant chance after attending a week of training with us.

SOAR is an acronym which means:

Structured Confidence

Be mentally prepared for the race, so your confidence is overflowing when the moment comes.

Optimised Nutrition

Know exactly how much to eat and when, both during your training and in your hotel meals.

Activated Training

Fine tune your training so that you get maximum results without burning out.

Reverse Recovery

3 R’s of Recovery involve, Refuelling, Rebuilding, Rehydrating.

Marginal gains is the philosophy that no performance-enhancing tweak is too small or too much trouble to incorporate, if it can bring success one step closer.

Mallorca Based Triathlon Training Volume Camp

Great Outdoor Adventure


Support vehicle will shadow the route, provide mechanical support whilst also having the days nutrition and hydration on board.


We will provide you with a Full Carbon Giant TCR road bike with Di2 groupset and disc brakes for more control when descending Mallorca’s famous climbs and descents.


Experienced staff know the roads better than anyone, guiding you along Mallorca’s famous roads and mountain climbs, with the best scenic viewpoints and mountain springs on route.

Group Rides

Your ride group will be dictated by your Strava history, with both groups following very similar rides covering all abilities, distances, gradients and climbs.


Breakfast and Dinner are included, 2 days where you have swimming followed by Strength & Core, a hotel lunch will be provided. All ride nutrition will be provided by POWERBAR.


You will be staying in spacious apartment room with living room, dining and small kitchenette, in Port de Pollença, seamlessly suited to your requirements in an idyllic spot.


We take very good care of all the bikes. If there is any specific issue with your bike, then please mention it to the support crew. This allows you to focus on your recovery.

Coaching Session

Dedicated coach support through every session will empower you with knowledge and the skills, in preparation for a season of Full or Half distance events.

Plus, when you leave Mallorca, you’ll receive:

A detailed training plan so that you’re in peak fitness come race day.

A step by step nutritional program so that you have the perfect weight for the race whilst your recovery is on point.

My Race day mastery plan, which covers Race Craft, Race Ready, Marginal gains and every piece of your jigsaw.

The most important thing in training is to win the day. Always focus on making the best of your today workouts.

Culmination of Training Social

Also what I’ve realised, what makes this retreat so special, is the power the group energy has, the other athletes are a boost to your energy and motivation when you race a triathlon, so are the triathletes that will join you on this training camp.

A fantastic week wouldn’t be finished without an awards night, from our Strava based leader board, we will present:

– Overall Improved Fitness
– Sprinter Award
– King of the Mountains

Prizes from our Sponsors & Partners

It’s all about not standing up for hours, hanging around late in the night, and over generating needless fatigue for the next training day. Believe it or not, excellency lies in this kind of details, however we will have a social evening.


Our Partners

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