Are the brick runs optional?

Of course, they are optional, we encourage a 20-minute Brick Run after each ride, this is to build the mental strength and physical adaptation for the transition, I personally will be on EVERY brock run with you, without fail.

Is the recovery drink suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

Unfortunately, not, research shows whey protein from cattle is the most effective protein for recovery and the Omega although exceptionally responsibly farmed and sourced from North Atlantic fisheries, it is fish product.

Will there be Vegan/Vegetarian POWERBAR options for training nutrition during the day?

Yes. A variety of products, flavours and types of energy sources will be on offer. The whole ethos of this camp and the individually selected partnerships are to use professionally designed products for our sporting endeavours and to have the luxury of trying a wide-ranging brand to explore and discover new options and assess how we perform when using them.

Is it optional to come to the Spa for Hot & Cold therapies?

Absolutely, it is an optional educational part of the training package. However, I would like you to come and experience what we do, the methods we use, the options and alternatives we have to show you, and finally, what if I told you that these protocols could add 20% to your overall power, and where better to test this claim than on Fridays culmination ride? At the very end of a challenging week of training, education, nutrition and appropriate supplements – to then discover how beneficial these simple protocols are to your training progression.

Do I have to have the Carbon hire bike with Di2 group set and disc brakes?

No, we totally understand if you wish to conduct the training on your own steed. Training as you race is an ethos we encourage, so you know where your hydration and nutrition are, and your bike fit is confirmed, and you have no issues when transitioning to the brick run etc.

All we ask is that you let us know, so we can send the correct vehicle for your airport transfer, for each journey.

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