Mallorca Training Camp Triathlon

The majority of cycling Mallorca Training Camp Triathlon put forward an entirely peaceful experience and can take the worry of all the little possessions for you. Airport transfers, food & drink on and off the bike, bike rental, accommodation, daily rides, and even a post-ride massage. All you cover to perform is turn up, ride your bike, and benefit from the islet. Mallorca Training Camp Triathlon has more familiarity and superior services than anyplace else to assist triathletes in improving their swimming. Olympic swimmers run the 50m outdoor swimming pool; we have cameras to make marine videos and provide you all the options you require to strengthen this regulation. There are superb, secluded open water areas with immaculate beaches and see-through waters on both sides of the city.

Mallorca Based Triathlon Training Volume Camp

Great Outdoor Adventure


Support vehicle will shadow the route, provide mechanical support whilst also having the days nutrition and hydration on board.


We will provide you with a Full Carbon Giant TCR road bike with Di2 groupset and disc brakes for more control when descending Mallorca’s famous climbs and descents.


Experienced staff know the roads better than anyone, guiding you along Mallorca’s famous roads and mountain climbs, with the best scenic viewpoints and mountain springs on route.

Group Rides

Your ride group will be dictated by your Strava history, with both groups following very similar rides covering all abilities, distances, gradients and climbs.


Breakfast and Dinner are included, 2 days where you have swimming followed by Strength & Core, a hotel lunch will be provided. All ride nutrition will be provided by POWERBAR.


You will be staying in spacious apartment room with living room, dining and small kitchenette, in Port de Pollença, seamlessly suited to your requirements in an idyllic spot.


We take very good care of all the bikes. If there is any specific issue with your bike, then please mention it to the support crew. This allows you to focus on your recovery.

Coaching Session

Dedicated coach support through every session will empower you with knowledge and the skills, in preparation for a season of Full or Half distance events.

Fundamentals about our training camps:


The island is a cyclist’s glory due to the superb road circumstances and challenging terrain. You can go to the Tramuntana Sierra, where you will discover higher peaks than in the UK, or ride the gently sloping landscape around Colonia Sant Jordi on the south and east coasts. We offer our training services for all who want to discover the best of the best in training, swimming, or many more.


There are stalks through the forest behind the beach of Es Trenc in circuits of 3 km, 4 km, and 6 km, as well, as it is probable to sprint on the quiet roads on the city’s outer edge. But nothing better than running all along the gigantic coastal trails overlooking the island of Cabrera. Whether it’s to systematize your triathlon camp with your lineup or friends or for individual training, don’t vacillate between getting in touch with us. We will send you all the statistics you require to arrange your next activity to live in Mallorca with us.


Master Coaches, instructors of pros lead our professional team and always give you the most excellent training. Tim and the put your feet up of our influential team share acquaintance and familiarity, working jointly to assist each other with compound training issues, yearly planning, elevation and heat stress, or different requirements that take place.


Our coaching players are paramount in the industry and professional riders, panel directors, and superlative coaches. We are the most influential educators in teaching and analysis, corresponding science and facts with the art of instruction, for all time listening to their athletes to prepare their best training strategy.     


All of us athletes are looking for affirmative outcomes and individual bests. Our knowledgeable coaches know how to assist you in accomplishing and exceeding your training and racing dreams. With a focused curriculum, hard work, and excellent communiqué, we will get you to the top of your sport.

Culmination of Training Social

Also what I’ve realised, what makes this retreat so special, is the power the group energy has, the other athletes are a boost to your energy and motivation when you race a triathlon, so are the triathletes that will join you on this training camp.

A fantastic week wouldn’t be finished without an awards night, from our Strava based leader board, we will present:

– Overall Improved Fitness
– Sprinter Award
– King of the Mountains

Prizes from our Sponsors & Partners

It’s all about not standing up for hours, hanging around late in the night, and over generating needless fatigue for the next training day. Believe it or not, excellency lies in this kind of details, however we will have a social evening.


Our Partners

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