Mallorca Triathlon Camp is all about you. Mallorca triathlon camp is offering amazing racing events and discoveries for you. Many triathlons called Mallorca their spiritual home and the reason behind calling their spiritual home is due to the location, the mountains, and beautiful villages. Mallorca provides a warm and peaceful experience. Mallorca triathlon camp is offering rides with jaw-dropping views.

Mallorca training camps are designed with different services and the camp package is approximately 8 days at a reasonable rate.

Triathlon experience Mallorca triathlon camp is offering:

The three triathlon experience offered by Mallorca camp are:

  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Cycling

Mallorca triathlon offers consultation:

Yes, Mallorca triathlon camp offers a consultation service to athletes. The most important point to notice is that they are offering a free consultation service to the athletes so they can start their journey with them with a clear mind.

Mallorca Training sessions:

Mallorca camp is offering amazing training sessions to build confidence and to maintain the fitness of trainers, the training session is motorized and training sessions offered hot and water therapies, spa, and café facilities as well.

Mallorca camp services:

Mallorca is an amazing place with jaw-dropping views and triathlon camp includes amazing services to the athletes. The services offered by Mallorca camp are:

  • Vehicle service: Mallorca camp offers vehicle service which includes mechanical support as well.
  • Bike hire: Are you excited about the Mallorca climbs? We Mallorca triathlon camp is offering bike hiring service as well. The amazing bike with disc brakes for more controls provides you bets riding.
  • Meals and Accommodation: Mallorca triathlon camp offers meals and accommodation service as well. A breakfast and dinner facility is provided. Sponsors will provide the best services during swimming sessions and other training sessions.
  • Guiding: Without proper guides, the trip is never fully enjoyed. Mallorca camp offers expert guiding services that are well known to the routes will help you to relish every view during triathlon camp. The guiding service guarantees that you will eye witness every beautiful mountain or valley view.
  • Group Rides: You will enjoy the group rides with Mallorca triathlon camp as well. The group rides provide you excellent experience during camp.
  • Coaching sessions: The coaching sessions are organized to empower you during the camp session. The expert coaches will make your morale high and provide you best preparation session.
  • Maintenance: The bikes or cycles require maintenance. We maintained our vehicles at the best but if you are facing any maintenance issues then you will contact the Mallorca crew and they will immediately reach you to resolve your issue so, you can enjoy the trip at best.
  • Spa sessions: This adds an amazing addition to the camp session. The hot and cold water therapies as well spa sessions. The spa sessions help the riders to get relax after the training sessions.
  • Foodservice for everyone: Mallorca triathlon camp offers a vegan food nutrition service as well. The nutrition is provided by Power bars.

What includes in the package?

  • Luxurious Sports Hotel for staying for 7 nights.
  • 2 hotel lunches are includes in this offer.
  • Exquisite buffet with daily theme
  • Transfers from/to Palma Airport.
  • The bike service includes the 4 Group rides (minimum)
  • Tri Coach & Ride guides include in bike service as well.
  • Support vehicle, Sports nutrition, Sports hydration offered by Mallorca Triathlon camp.
  • Safety briefing and bike maintenance are included in the package.
  • We care for our people that’s why the service includes PR Lotion, Peloton sun protection, Chamois cream as well to protect you during hot day’s sessions.
  • Enhanced Recovery Omega 3 drink, Recovery nutrition
  • The therapies after triathlon training sessions include Hot & Cold therapies, Self-massage guidance
  • Nutrition plan post-camp offered as well.
  • Training plan up to race day
  • Race Day Mastery plan
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